Report From Our "Good News Clubs"

Our “Good News Club” in Los Alamitos is really going strong. The children are inviting their friends to come and we have been averaging 40 kids every Thursday. The room seems to be getting smaller and smaller because of all the kids, but they don’t seem to mind. Since October, the beginning of the school year, we have had a total enrollment of 834 and 102 saved. We praise our awesome God for providing the opportunity to reach these precious boys and girls with the Gospel message.

Did you know there are 33.5 million elementary school-aged children in America today—yet 80% of them do not attend any church or participate in any church programs! Who will reach these children for Jesus, if not us?

Studies show that as children grow older, they are less likely to accept Christ – in fact, pollster George Barna’s research shows that, whatever a child believes by the time they are 13 years old is, in most cases, what they will die believing! You can see why it is so important for us to share the “Good News” with them now before they harden their hearts even more so in this postmodern generation.

CEF offers many opportunities for you to serve God, We need teachers, helpers, more schools to open their doors to us, and Christians to open their homes for “Good News Clubs.” We must not wait for the lost to come to us—we need to go where they are! There are children in your neighborhoods, in the schools and in parks. Just look around you—they are everywhere and most of them are going to spend eternity in Hell if we don’t reach them with the Word of God. Henry Blackaby said, “Find out where God is at work and go there!” God is certainly at work here in CEF, You will find Him here.